against polygamy thesis

POLYGAMY ON THE WEB: AN ONLINE COMMUNITY FOR AN UNCONVENTIONAL. PRACTICE. This thesis is a virtual ethnographic study of a polygamy website consisting of one chat room, several discussion boards, and polygamy related information and links. The findings of this research are based on the interactions
Theses on polygamy and monogamy by Viktor Leberecht - Thesis 8.
Based on this, I have developed several theses on polygamy as a human right, which I will present here in an overview. On the sub pages, to which you can navigate via the menu or the link at the end of each thesis, i will explain each thesis more thoroughly. The theses and their formulation are please to be regarded as
Theses on polygamy and monogamy by Viktor Leberecht – Thesis 1. Thesis 1: Every adult human being must be free – without state, public, religious or other forcible interference – to choose the form of heterosexual, homosexual or sexually mixed family life, provided that it does no harm neither to the directly involved
Women who have entered into polygamous marriages have different experiences that can be enriching to those who practice monogamy. This dissertation will highlight what people in polygamous marriages in the Gambia face on a daily basis. This dissertation will not argue that there are more disadvantages for women
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The same is true with polygamy. While the number of polygamous marriages appears to be declining, polygamy continues to exist in various forms. ... Viktor Leberecht, Theses on Polygamy and Monogamy, gamy/theses-on-polygamy-and-monogamy [18.4.2011]. Traditional Forms of Polygamy
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A thesis submitted in conformity with the requirements for the degree of Master of ... polygamous marriages caused to women, children, society and most importantly, “the institution of monogamous ..... With the abundance of approaches and perspectives on polygamy and its uncomfortable position in the liberal West, it is
Polygamy shouldn't be viewed as a normal practice in society because it objectifies women and is against human rights which also takes away the experience of loving a single person.

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