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Charles A. Beard in An Economic Interpretation of the Constitution of the United States (1913) and Economic Origins of Jeffersonian Democracy (1915) extended Becker's thesis down to 1800 in terms of class conflict. To Beard, the Constitution was a counter-revolution, set up by rich bond holders (bonds were "personal
The skinny on the 1913 historical analysis of the US Constitution by Charles Beard. Wherever you stand on the ...
Brown and Forrest McDonald, for example, challenged Beard's accuracy and methodology, ultimately rejecting his thesis as unfounded. (xix). Even though his thesis has been undermined by more method- ologically sophisticated and thorough historical analysis of this kind,. Beard is generally praised for his "realistic"
The Beard Thesis and. Franklin Roosevelt. Cass R. Sunstein*. I. Of the numerous writings surrounding the debate over the Amer- ican Constitution, The Federalist No. 101 is probably the most impor- tant. In that essay, Madison set out the somewhat surprising thesis that a large republic would be better able than a small one
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score years have profitably used Beard's interpretation of the Consti- tution, an attempt utterly to refute him has aroused scarcely a whimper of protest. Nobody would insist that Beard's thesis be accepted in its entirety, but his fundamental idea-that the Constitution reflected the economic interests of the large property holders
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Former President William Howard Taft and others soon emerged to challenge Beard's thesis. In the decades that followed, numerous historians and political scientists mounted counter-arguments and a consensus soon followed that the Founding Fathers had actually put their personal interests aside, both political and
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